Brand Story


According to the 1st Character of the words“Africa、American、Asia”,we selected “A”shape.The green grassland symbolize Africa,so here we use green color to stand for it, meaning our main market targeted in Africa.

Central Southern America is surrounded by the blue ocean, so we use the Blue color to stand for American, meaning our potential markets are in the central Southern America.

Red color symbolize Asia, our basic market. China- our head office located in.On the 2 sides of the Character A, also have the meaning of double 1, that is Phillya always work for the top 1st in our exporting industry.

The 2 sides of the A Character also symbolized a people in 2 sides,While the 2 people hug with each other, meaning Phillaya always stand together with our customers, sharing honer, benefit, friendship...etc.

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